URGENT: Characters don't go behind overlay regardless of the layers

The table with the crystal ball needs to be in front of these two characters:

Here's the current code I have:

@overlay 5012108620529664_MYSTIC ROOM TABLE create
@overlay 5012108620529664_MYSTIC ROOM TABLE shifts to -9 4 in zone 1
@overlay 5012108620529664_MYSTIC ROOM TABLE scales to 0.784 0.784
@overlay 5012108620529664_MYSTIC ROOM TABLE to layer 6
@GENESIS spot 0.973 95 134 in zone 1 AND GENESIS moves to layer -2 AND PSYCHIC spot 0.910 227 153 in zone 1 AND PSYCHIC moves to layer -2

I’ve had the layers at 0 for the characters and 2 for the overlay, etc. but nothing seems to work.

My story needs to be released in 6 hours, so please help ASAP :sob: :blob_hearts:


You forgot the “moves” in the last @overlay line. It’s supposed to be

@overlay MYSTIC ROOM TABLE moves to layer 6

Is that the overlay you’re working with? :thinking: (just making sure bc you said the overlay was at 2)


I think she meant to say that she tried at different layers, but you’re right, there is missing “moves to” so that should solve the problem :wink:

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You forgot MOVES TO LAYER 6

Just an FYI for anyone who comes across this thread:

You can use either “to” or “moves to” or even “shifts to” for layering overlays. All three of these versions work.

@elmiathewriter the issue is because you are missing the overlay opacity command

@overlay MYSTIC ROOM TABLE opacity 1 in 0


Thank you so much! :heartbeat:

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