URGENT: Characters for my stories!


Hey, I’m Winter.

I’m looking for characters for my upcoming story ‘Soccer Moms’ at the moment. You will of course get credit in my story! Let me know if you fill
it out. :wink:

I need soccer players (children) and a couple babysitters for my upcoming story (Soccer Moms). Any colour, hopefully some characters of colour! All female! Some have speaking parts, some don’t - but most of them are zoomed on. :slight_smile:

Fill this form out if you’re interested in either role:

Winter xx


Hey, I submitted the form…

Hope I’ll get a chance to be in your story!!!
Vivainah :heart:


Hey! I submitted my form as well


I hope you find what you need, the plot sounds great!


@vivainah @S.Dsana Thanks but I’d like to Melissa to be a P.OC. - nothing against white people (I’m mixed-race), just I don’t want people to say I don’t have diversity in my story. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :blush:


@S.Dsana You are Hannah! :wink:


Thanks a lot


Okay, no problem :smiley:


@Jo.Author You’ve got Olivia! :wink:
@Purple_Ghost Thanks for filling it out, just missed out. :slight_smile:

Only people of colour left - Melissa & Trixie! :smile:


Haha thanks! :slight_smile: When is your story going to be out?


Next week hopefully (if not the week after). :crossed_fingers:t3:


Tell me when you about to publish it


Okay, will do. :wink:


Either dm me if I don’t answer you on here


@episode.anisha You’re Trixie! :smile:


Yay! Thank you! :grin:

Anisha Xx


@Purple_Ghost I needed more characters so I made you Jenny!

Still looking for more children (and Melissa)! :wink:


@Estefi You’re Estefi, lol. :joy:


Wait, I wasn’t supposed to put my name…ohhhhh, lol sorry, you can change it to Fabi, or whatever you want! :sweat_smile: