Urgent! font needed!

does anyone know what’s the name of the episode’s logo font?
thank you🥰

The font used for the ‘Welcome Back’ text is called: Raleway-Medium.


In case you want other versions of the Raleway fonts, you should be able to find them if you scroll down on the page directed from the link (look for ‘complete pack’).

Found this here : Episode’s Font!

but do you know the name of this one?

I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure logos like this, are specially made to differ from anything else, somebody probably made it on a computer … There isn’t a fond that can change colors anyways … The best you can do is figure out how to write certain letters from looking at the logo and drawing it by yourself on a piece of paper or on a drawing program and then filling it with paint

In short : Yeah there’s no way there is a font like this out there.

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thank u

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try cooltext.com
You’d be surprised how close you can get to the logo. :slight_smile:

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