Urgent help - choices


I need some urgent help.

So I have one choice in the middle of my story and I want to give readers the chance to see both choices. So readers will have the chance to see a reaction from one character, but I’d love them to be able to see the other person’s reaction without having to replay the whole episode. I have seen other stories that include this, but I couldn’t find any examples of how I could put it into my own work.

Does anyone know the coding?

Many thanks,


At the end of the episode you could for example ask the reader if they want to read the scene from another POV. And if they choose so, you take them to that scene.

Hey MicStories! What you could do is give them another choice like what @Martini_98 said, and then add the line “goto CHOICE”. If you code the line “label CHOICE” before the narration that comes right before your actual choice, then they will be able to return and see the other option. Sorry if this is confusing.

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