Urgent Help Needed In Eye Color Change

Ok so I did this but now the eye color has changed in the entire chapter.


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Actually, as stated above, you can use the previews/unpreviews commands for temporary appearance changes. When you unpreview, the feature goes back to whatever the reader would’ve selected without the author having to know/remember what it was. :eyes:

The changes command is more permanent and doesn’t allow for remembering what a previous feature was.



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I’ll be right back. I need to check the entire episodes.

If I am doing anything wrong, in case.

Since you say you allow CC for the readers in your story, the line 335 needs to change to previews too.

@SAMUEL previews mouth Medium Heart Vampire Fangs

And you’ll need to unpreview it by:
@SAMUEL unpreviews mouth Medium Heart Vampire Fangs

And is that an outfit at line 356? It’s not in pink.

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You can’t use “changes into” command for this because it changes the character’s feature permanently. There’s no way to change it back to default unless you know what your readers have chosen.
So “previews/unpreviews” command is a better option for CC stories if you want temporary change on the character.

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Ohh. Thanks for this. And I tried customizing some features and it worked.
In line 356, the outfit is already made I need to reload it.
And thanks for the help. :blush:
I was really freaking out.
@xANGEL @schittwriter @Rilley_writesSTORIES @Cass_writes
Thank you all!!!


its nothing :slight_smile:
I help here too: