Urgent help needed please

can someone make a magnifying glass in png form for me please. I can’t seem to get mine right

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Do you mean an overlay?

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Hope this helps!

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yes, but is it see through

Yh like an overlay

Here you go!


Thank you so much :relaxed:

One more thing, how do I get my teaser to work in my story.
All I see is my description. :eyes:

If you’ve already added teasers, you would need to read episodes after 1, thats when they will be visible. :))

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I will try that and see thanks for the help

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Still my description

And can some one find a png picture of an inhaler

Hi you see the words that I’ve highlighted? They say add that’s where you put the teaser.

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Yeah, I have added but I don’t see it in my story when I preview on my phone.

I’ve never added one but when you make a story in the create section when you look at it in the app it just goes from Episode to Episode. It doesn’t allow you to have that gap in between the chapters as you would see in story’s that are not your. Perhaps that’s why you count see it??

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Yeah, maybe
I’ll see if I can get someone to check if it works.
Thanks for the help :wink:

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Can someone pleeease get me a two red eyed photo both closed and opened.
TNX a bunch

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