URGENT: Looking for a beta reader


Hey, it’s Winter looking for a beta reader… again. Except this time it’s not for me exactly… it’s for a member of Episode Royalty’s story. The story idea and dialogue is by @Loversdelight, I’ve just directed it. We would like a different point of view to review the story. We need you to be able to read it as soon as possible as it’s ready to be published.

You need to...
  1. Have good English grammar.
  2. Have good directing skills.
  3. Be able to screenshot anywhere errors are.

If you’re interested, PM me or comment below and I’ll send you the link. :slight_smile:

Winter - Episode Royalty :crown:


I would love to be a beta reader!


Thanks, it’s published now. Here’s the link to the story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4976796156428288

PM me the feedback of it please. :slight_smile:

Winter :snowflake:


It’s nice! Definitely better than me XD


Thanks! Could you PM me some more details of the things you liked and the things which could be improved if you have time? :slight_smile:


I may later I am a bit busy I have a test tomorrow and if I fail I can not have any electives and I am trying to write a story on episode but I will try to do it later today (if I have time)


Okay, that’s fine.


Okay so I like how you can customize your character but I wish you can pick her hair and skin color. Also, I like how the characters seem realistic. But how does Jay text you the second you wake up? Is he stalking you XD. He does seem like the character to do that. Also, I like how in the end I get to see everybody who helped work on this episode! And yeah. Overall really good story!


It was limited customisation because we have an art scene coming up and it’s easier because we already had the parent’s looks. It’s an unread message lol. Thank you! :blush::hugs:



Your welcome!


@Ryan @Jeremy You can close this as the story is now published. :slight_smile: