URGENT: Looking for a writing partner!


I need help coming up with ideas for my game called “The End Is Nigh.”

I’ve gotten to a part where you make your first choice: To take a picture of a strange poster you find in an abandoned house, or NOT to take a picture of the poster.

Some choices may have consequences or not, depending on the choice.

I need ideas to get to the point where the reader has to unlock a security door with a code before the government catch you.


Maybe the camera can accidentally fall out of her hands and when she catches the camera it took a picture


Thank you! <3

Would you be interested in being a writing partner?


What should I do tho?


If I need Ideas I could ask you?


Yeah sure




Do you need someone to help with being an artist to make the cover because if you do I can do it!


Thank you! <3


Yes, thank you! :orange_heart:


Great! Just send me the details when you got it for your story!