Urgent! Looking for proofreader!

Hello everyone. I am looking for a proofreader and its urgent. I need a serious person with quite a lot of free time ready for a commitment and willing to work on 3 stories. I update one at a time, 1-2 chapters. If you are willing to do it or know someone that would be willing to do it please comment below or DM me.
Thank you <3<3<3

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hey there! i’m an experienced episode proofreader. i’ve done ‘faking it’ by episode.bela on instagram & ‘don’t be a stranger’ by milla_writes on instagram. i’m also fluent in english & very good at spotting directing errors & knowing what most readers like. i would love to be your full-time proofreader <3

Hey, thank you so much for answering. I need a person with loads of free time because I work on three stories at the same time. I write two chapters of one and move on another then another again. So its pretty much constant. I am pretty fast in writing. Takes me two days to write two chapters. You don’t need to worry about directing, I am good wuth that, I use advanced directing, overlays etc. What I do is send dialogues on email so you can check them. Would all I wrote be fine with you? <3

uto, 11. kol 2020. 02:29 olivia via Episode Forums <episodeinteractive@discoursemail.com> je napisao:

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while i do have other commitments, i will try to work as much as i can. i have experience so i’m usually faster than most proofreaders. yes, you can send it through email if you’d like. my email is olliele123@gmail.com.

Ok, thank you. Do you have IG so I add you there and it’s easier for us to communicate :slight_smile:

uto, 11. kol 2020. u 18:21 olivia via Episode Forums <episodeinteractive@discoursemail.com> napisao je:

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yes i do, it’s @olivialexrose

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