URGENT: my email was disabled and I can't access any of my stories

I used a school gmail for my episode account. I didn’t know that they were going to be disabled at the end of the year, and now it is exactly that, disabled. I can’t access a thing in the gmail.
When I try to log in with it in the episode app, it tell me my account is disabled and I can’t log in.
I can’t proof read or access ANY of my stories. I’m in kind of a panic right now, does this mean that I can’t publish anymore stories? Why can I still access the stories on my laptop? I’m really freaked out that all my stories that I’ve spent hours and hours on are going to disappear. Are there any acceptions for changing your episode email account? I really, really hope they change that. Is there any way at all to change my email to my personal one which I know will not get disabled? I really regret making my school email my episode one, I hope there’s some way to fix this as I’m a mess right now.
Sorry if this is in the wrong category.

Make one with another gmail account

What about my stories??

Y can’t access them like see them at least once?

I’m having trouble understanding what you’re trying to say?

U can’t get to the stories at least once?

I can look at them on my laptop but I can’t access them at all on the episode app

Then share it with the other gmail account

How do I share stories with other gmail accounts?

Go to ur stories at your laptop and click share

Where does it say share? The only ‘share’ thing I see is the link for other people to read the story

@Forever1201 are you still there? I really need help with this

Moved to Episode Fan Community since it’s not about stories or story reviews. :smiley:

The share button is to share stories not emails.

Damn, I really thought I was about to start getting a handle on this situation :frowning:

I think you’ll need to email support.
I believe it’s possible for them to transfer accounts but I don’t think it’s easy and I don’t think it’s something you can do yourself.

I can’t email support since I can’t access my support ticket since I can’t log in on the app.

Have you ever submitted a support ticket before?

If you sign in, you can see your previous tickets (and get your support ID that way). You don’t need to be on the app to submit a ticket.

If you can’t find/access your support ID, maybe make something up (as you can’t leave it blank) and hope they get back to you?

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Yeah, I see my previous tickets! I’m so glad that this could actually get solved!!

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Good luck! :slight_smile:
At the very least- you mentioned you can still access your stories on your laptop?
Personally, just to be safe I’d save them all into word documents.

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