Urgent need of ski resort backgrounds! [will give credit]

Hello there all!! I am in URGENT need ski resort/ cabin inside backgrounds!!
For some details about what’s going on in the story, (it’s quite simple) the MC takes everyone to a week getaway to a ski resort/ mountain resort. I’m looking for things like Great Wolf Lodge (if you know what that is)
Thank you, everyone, if you have any direction to point me to or if you have backgrounds!!


Nevermind for now! I may need one later, but idk now!

I think I can make one but why don’t you use an image off Google?

She can’t use images off google.

Copyright remember

Don’t worry about copy right too much because when I first started my stories. I used an image off of Google. And made a few changes. I haven’t gotten in trouble for it

You will get in trouble. The problem is you just haven’t been caught. You can use sites that allow you to use images from them for free like pixabay.com

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Hold on, we are getting off topic. Do you need the cover. If so put the request on my thread

I don’t need a cover. Yeah yeah off topic, can’t afford to any more flags

Just don’t get images from google unless it’s from free sites :blush:

@SmileyOcto try these threads

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Don’t any designs o do are completely original, I don’t use Google images anymore. If you want the cover just put a request on my thread.

Thanks! And now I am rethinking, so I don’t think I’ll need them but thank you so much!!

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No problem :heart::heart::heart:

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