Urgent overlay help

Please can someone help, I tried removing the first overlay with @overlay NAME clear and then adding the second one but it didn’t work so I changed the background but I still cannot get it to work!

Can you send me the overlays you’re using?

They are both white would you like me to put a black background on it?

No, just copy them from your portal and paste them here, transparent background and all.

the words are white but they are the png photos x

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve got dark mode on so I can see them perfectly :slight_smile:

Hmm… it works fine on mine. Try using this (I cleaned it up a little bit):

INT.BLACK with TTWLOGO to 1.068 -7 -14 in zone 1
@cut to zone 1 and overlay TTWLOGO opacity 0
&overlay TTWLOGO opacity 1 in 3
@pause for 5
@pan to zone 2
    You finished the Pilot episode!
    I hope you enjoyed reading.
    And feel free to message me any suggestions and or requests.
    See you next time.

INT.BLACK with INSTAHANDLE to 1.35 -11 -80 in zone 1
&cut to zone 1
@pause for 1000000

Thankyou this works!

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