URGENT: Please help me!


Hi, it’s Winter. Does anyone know how I could get my character to sit at one of the chairs at the table in the background I’ll post below. Can anyone give me the code for that please? I’d really appreciate it! :heart:

Here’s the background:

I’d be grateful of any help! Thank you, in advance! :blush:

~ :snowflake:


Wouldn’t you have to use a table overlay??


I’m not sure. :see_no_evil:


I believe you spot direct them into the chairs and use an overlay of the table and other chairs of you have them sitting on both sides… I could make the overlay for you if you would like


Yes please. Can you make me all the overlays you’d think I need please? Thank you!


No problem… working on it now winter!!!


Thank you Chay! :blush:


No problem!! :grin:


Moved to Directing Help & Tips since you are requesting directing help and tips. Thanks.


Thanks Jeremy! :slight_smile:


@Jeremy/@Sydney_H Please close. :slight_smile:



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: