Urgent please help!


So my cousin Hallie is in 6th grade… and she has a geography paper that if she fails it will drop her grade already a C- to an F. Which will have additional consequences from my aunt (her mom) so if you can help us out and make a key with this paper it will be appreciated Andy drop your Insta and I will follow you + make you art! ONLY if she has gotten - 0 or - 1 or 2.


Oh and she says these are the terms or at least some. (Idk I’m bad at geography)




You do not need to follow me on IG at all, this just looked fun and I’m bored. I matched it up according to definitions and the locations based on the map helped, too. I hope most of it is right :joy:

North Foot Ocean - 6

South Foot Ocean - 13

Mt. Crackatoa - 8

Corn Mountain Range - 7

Blister Lake - 10

Blister Delta - 11

Bunion Strait - 16

Gulf of Fallen Arches - 3

Isthmus of Lint - 14

Little Toe River - 2

Blister River - 17

Second Digit Peninsula - 9

West Itch Bay - 5

East Itch Bay - 4

Big Toe Island - 1

Cape Hangnail - 12

Callus Hills - 15

East Podiatry - 18


How did she do on her project?! Did I get most of it right lol? :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Yes, tysm!


Aww, yay!