URGENT: Splash needed

ok so just normal

Yes please.


Give me an hour or 2 I’m looking for the best text and other stuff

Oh okay.

I’m done with the character what is the pose

i’m not too good at splashes but if you need one let me know x

The end of talk_contend.

Thank you, I will.

I’m done i have 2 version

She’s already got the splashes

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I made them for her :blush:

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Btw gj Ann. They look great

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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The first one was made by me


second one was by someone called @Unique_911

What’s the white stuff?

I don’t know

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I really like the first one (the one you made) but choices is spelt wrong & I don’t want speech marks around the words & I think there’s a bit you missed when cutting out the character. But don’t worry about it, @GirlLykAnn already made me one. Thank you! :smile:


@Ryan/@Jeremy Please close. Thank you everyone for all the help & kind comments about me! :heart:

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