Urgent Zooming Help Needed!

I remember authors using this really cool zoom in their stories and I don’t know where to find it or how to achieve it. Whether it’s zooming in or out, it starts zooming in\out and then as it’s still zooming the zoom kinda bends? but still ends up where it was originally intended to be zoomed at. The only difference it has from your normal everyday zoom is that pan/bend effect. How do I get that?

Would appreciate any help,
April :green_heart:

This one takes practice. If you want to zoom from 0 0 100% and curve to the left, first use the focus tool and swipe left on the screen a few times, you’ll see the numbers getting higher but the camera is not moving, copy these spots into your script and keep it at 100% (not zoomed in) then reset the zoom and the zoom/focus to where you want to the left of the screen. This should work and I know there are other ways of doing it but sometimes it is unintentional lol

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A little confusing but I’m trying it now, should I add anything for the times? :thinking:

I would add 1,2 or 3 seconds depending on what you’re using the zoom for. Play around with the timings to your preference. The first zoom I would put 0 or put it when you set your scene. As it’s at 100% it will look like zoom reset and the second zoom is when it curves in so you would need to add however many seconds you wanted :slight_smile:

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