Urgghhh! It's irritating, Just don't do it!

I am soo done with people who make thread for nothing!!!
… I mean…

  • 1st they ask you to Co-author a Story and then they don’t even reply.!!
  • They ask you to code a scene and then When you wait for the script after talking about everything, And next day You find they are searching for someone AGAIN!! … to do it?.. I mean… seriously!!
  • They ask you to make a Art or anything… and they don’t even REPLY to… if the sketch is ok… or not?..
    I mean… how?.. wth is wrong with people here?
  • And some other people make thread and say… They will read our story, and drop your story below…and then they dont even read it…
    Well… It’s their choice whether they read it ot not… but… dude…seriously?
  • People make Shops and they don’t even complete at least one request… (I am only saying this for some… It happened with me only once …lol)

These were some Example I live myself soo far

I am soo done with people here…man…
I mean… yeah… I love to help people…that’s why I always offer my help…
It’s not… bcz I am bored or anything…


Some people love to spam the forums with … … lot’s of thread without any sense…
Well… I am not saying… people shouldn’t make threads… but… ATLEAST MAKE A USEFULL THREAD AND BE SERIOUS ABOUT IT!!

I just couldn’t hold it anymore!!.. it’s just… too much dude!!


I agree with you, I know that I made a thread of asking someone to make me a character card or profile picture but now I don’t beacuse I’ve learned that there are art shop here and I can request something. Then you have people who make good threads and then they get taken down beacuse they are “spam” when it’s NOT, how’s that even fair!?


I haven’t had this problem personally, but I see people make a thread and ask for help and then on that same thread you see two days later “I still need help”, and don’t mention what happened with the person they contacted. Like I am not saying most people but just those that do, theres a lot of people who genuinely need help and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference with people who don’t and just waste time.
But Yeah I agree

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well… It’s not fair… to get a topic spam…
and asking for help isn’t bad…
If you want a help then u can make a thread… it’s normal…
but… atleast… use that help… u r getting from that thread… (I am not saying u… I am talking about… who do it)


Bcz of some people…
some other people thing… that offering help is useless!!

Yeah like, I like offering help on things I know, that’s just the person I am. But when people waste time when others actually need help it’s like whyyyy. There’s certain things that are just like whyyyy, such as online scammers for digital stuff, stealing of ideas, or online sabotage, etc. (That was a bit of topic but somethings are just like why do this, it benefits no one, it’s not like stealing food or necceties which actually benifits someone.)


I agree with ya.
It never benefits anyone tho.

I constantly see people looking for free art by making a thread and it irritates me so much since you can just type in the search bar ‘Art Shops’ then a whole list comes up including my thread with a massive list of art shops and everything else people may need :weary:

I mean yes, some are closed but it really isn’t hard to find open ones if you try hard enough (:

Also, people who make threads asking for art yet they don’t give any details! They don’t say whether they’re looking to commission or need it free of charge, they don’t say whether they would like drawn or edited (Obviously edited is free of charge) and they don’t specify what exactly they need. They just expect high quality artists/editors to comment down below offering them the art they need on a silver plate :expressionless:


Whenever I open my forums.
I always see atleast one new art shop.
It’s not even hard to find one.

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Exactly, I’ve seen at least 3 new art shops open this week (It’s only Tuesday) :joy: (:


:joy: :joy: :joy:
They are like… why search and request someone.
Just make my own thread and the helper will come themselves to me…

Hey, I saw you drop your story under my threat and I’m sorry if you thought I didn’t see it or don’t want to read it, but

  • The list of people who want me to read their story is quite long. (especially if I read multiple episodes)
  • I had school today and have more things to do.
  • I do it because I want to and not because I have to , so I do it in my free time. I understand you want someone to respond, but people don’t always have time. (if you weren’t talking about me sorry)
  • I will read all the stories on the list. If you don’t believe me, see who I already did when you scroll up.
  • I’m also working on my own story.

OO cutie…
It was just an example.
And I always forget where I drop my story to read. [it’s just… my life is tough… and there is alot… to handle of… so… keep forgetting little things…]
So. Don’t think I am saying about you.
and I said… it’s their choice to read or not. I am not saying… that… they have to… haha… sorry… If u thought… that… I wasn’t talking about u…

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No problem, I just wanted to let you know, I have not forgotten your story. But life is busy, you know. I really love helping people by reading their story so I promise I will. I just don’t have much time right now. :joy: :heart: :woman_shrugging:


haha… I understand lol

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I mean, it’s irritating if the person who made the thread doesn’t even reply for what they’re asking (like co-authoring, art/edit, r4rs, etc.)

Also, why would people ask for a free art when there are literally so many art shops out there and you can just request (even though some might not be open anymore)? :smiley:


yeah… I agree with ya tho

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These are some reasons why I’m less active here :upside_down_face:

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ohhh… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
yeah… these reasons… always puch me away from forumz

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