Urmm help me please


help mee i am trying
to upload this overlay to the portal

and it says it’s to big how do i make it smaller idk
I got this bg from _episodepenelope


Go to a editing software and size it down


Like Canva?


how would i do that
and would picmonkey work


Um how big should the overlay be or how big do you want it?


i need the overlay to be be under 1MB


Oh I really don’t know, ask episodepenelope to help you and size it down


oof well she is the arthor of a extremely popular story and i tried dming her she never answered


@abygail.bauman do you know how to fix this problem?


What size does it need to be


I do. What is the required size?


Im not sure @olivia.episode19


it has to be under 1MB according to the portal


@Dara.Amarie do you know how to make this workk


If all else fails maybe try uploading the overlay in fragments then just positioning them correctly …if that makes sense
It’s not the greatest idea but :woman_shrugging:


true ughh idk do u know how to upload them in fragments cause i have no idea once so ever


ahhh y’all i just using picmonkey to make the bg a bit smaller and it worked but it won’t go any bigger than this


crop them - maybe in three’s
so where one ends the other starts


You can resize it in the previewer


ohhh ahhhhh tysmmmmmmmm