Us. Episode. We need to fix this DRAMA. NOW

Humans are all different.

Everyone, is unique and everybody is different. But just because of that, fighting happens.
Being different, is what makes you, YOU. But now, people are being rude and angry at each other, because we are different. Now, I need to tell you a story.

My name is Emily. If I haven’t met you before, Hi! I recently joined here, because I love Episode. I’ve heard that this place is where the Episode family comes together. So, I came and found a group of people, that I called “The Chatter Group.” They kept on filling my notifications, but I did not mind. That, to me was family. But somehow, people put there similarity aside and fought on there differences. I heard, that before, it was:

now, it is:

What is the actual problem?

The thing is, people are hurting each other. Crushes, loves, family, friends…they get twisted and tied into a big knot, where it cant be undone. When people do the wrong thing, they think that it’s there fault or they think it’s not their fault. That causes fights and arguments to happen.

I know that this isn’t the only place where DRAMA claims. I know that out there, in Episode Forums, there are other drama happening, and people getting upset. If you, are in the middle of DRAMA, here’s what you need to do:

  • Stop. Just stop this fighting and arguing and blaming.
  • Leave. Leave, have some alone time and work things out.
  • Fix. Come back, work out what went wrong and fix it, piece by piece.

Stop blaming each other, making each other upset or sad. This is community! This is where your technology family is! We need to cheer up and get rid of this.

Happy Times.
Let’s take a break from talking about drama. Focus on the good things. What makes YOU happy in Episode Forums?

  • Maybe RPs and SGs?
  • Chatting?
  • Forum Games?

Go to your favorite things, and try them out! Have fun and forget about stress for a while.

I’m…confused/scared/angry/upset about LOVE!
Love. Love is a complicated thing, especially when it comes to the internet. Here, most of us have small crushes on each other, no big deal right? But what happens, when you reveal your crush, what happens? This happened, (not saying names) in the Chatting Group, where someone told someone else.

If you revealed…

  • Think about it. Was it the right choice?
  • Do you regret it?
  • How do you think the other person feels right now?

Unless your 110% sure, don’t do that, cause it can lead to fights, and upsetting other people.

If you were told…
I bet your feeling…confused? Like what just happened to me?!? I have a “fan”? I know you might be feeling confused, or upset, I’ve seen this before. What you need to do is focus on either something else and come back to this topic later, or solve it, and quick. You need to answer these questions:

  1. How do you feel?
  2. How do you feel about the other person?

If you like the other person, then you might end up getting virtually married? Who knows? But what happens if you don’t like him/her? Tell the other person, slowly and softly. Let them know gently. And you might become friends and you will solve it!


  • Be nasty
  • Be dramatic and announce it to the whole world, the other person might not like it…
  • Be mean

Sexuality Problems
Don’t let others tease you about being bi or gay. You are, who YOU are! Be proud of it! It’s not a downfall, it’s another step to success!

The Actual Drama
We need to stop this RIGHT NOW!! Stop being mean, stop teasing be a family!

What if I didn’t mean to create drama?
That’s okay. You just need to fix what you did wrong and apologies. Then, it’s all smiles!

This, is also, one of the main causes. Like @S.Dsana said, some people are just here to spread bad words and to hurt everyone. Others are here so that they can mess up stuff. What ever it is, two things that you can do, depending on you. 1. AVOID. If you’re not much of a talker, than avoid those who spread bad things. Don’t try to talk and stop them, if you know you might possibly make things worse or won’t win. 2. FIGHT. If you are a strong talker, and you know what you are doing and you are certain that you will take them down, then go for it! No one will stop you! But don’t say mean things back, be nice, forgive them and help them to become a better person. Everyone, should be drama free and be positive. No fighting, so we can fix this.

I personally thank @S.Dsana, for this, without her idea, you wouldn’t be seeing this! :rofl: A shout out for her! And shout out for the other amazing ideas!

Some nice things!
I am giving you some things, that YOU can say, and cheer up!

Trust me hon I’ll try someday.

That sounds amazing!
I wish happiness and success to whatever you do. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! I’m super excited!

Cooking mama. Congratulation !
I’m a proud big sister !

Hahahahahahha thanks sis!!!

I was adopted. I’m sure your adopted children would love you as their mother.
You’ve got a great sense of humor.

Awwwwwww thank you! Like that brought little tears in my eyes thank you! Also thanks for my humor complement :joy:

I just want everyone to make up.
We ALL love each other like brothers and sisters. We have our disagreements but we can overcome them.

Don’t let this one disagreement blow your happiness.

I just want everyone to make up.
We ALL love each other like brothers and sisters. We have our disagreements but we can overcome them.

This quote, the one and only, @LaurieKrisette, said it. What she said is right, and you need to do this now.

If this has helped you, please support this by liking it and replying. I really want Episode Drama to be blown away and Episode Family/Friends to come back. Thank you all! If you have your personal issues or problems, don’t be afraid to reply to this thread and ask for help or PM, if your to embarrassed. Remember, Episode is a family and we, are all EPISODEDIANS!







Smiles all around. I agree 100% with you.


I completely agree. But I think some ppl don’t wanna cause drama. I didn’t mean to. Tbh I was scared of someone and I couldn’t breathe.


This is really sweet and thank you, but I can’t

I’m sorry but this isn’t about the drama

It’s about the people

These personalities crash and it’s not healthy to be in a chat with all of these people

I’m sorry and thank you again :heartpulse:


Well, if you feel that’s best. There’s no one holding you back. You’re free to make your own decisions.

Happiness to you. :v:t4::revolving_hearts:


If you don’t feel like you want to chat, no worries! The best I can do, is to make sure, you are A.OK


I can’t believe you took the time to make this, you’re so sweet :slight_smile:


Thank you! I just wan’t this community to be a better place…


Preach!! :pray:
Thank you for this thread :two_hearts:


Thank you!


Emily you little (or big, I don’t know how tall you are) genius!
This thread is really something, it really brightens your day




Thank you! And btw, I’m a witch. I don’t have a size. :confused:




Aww, thank you! I know, it’s really upsetting to see people arguing…

I agree I agreee I agreee

100% Girlfriend :grinning:


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Thank you! :smiley:


This is perfect!

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