Use Your Own Images

Hello, I needed to know If there is a way I can use my own images as background.

I’m also wondering if there is a way I cam use my own title card in stead of the narrator just saying the chapter. (I remember reading this story and the author made there own title / chapter card image)

Also, how do you use your own props? I notice that in some episode stories people would use props that look like they have been photoshop in.

Please help and thank you

So go to art catlog and tap on backgrounds made by YOU and then you will be prompted ti enter an image as a background

The way they use title cards is by using backrounds that have writing on and not actual images of a backround

The props that look like photoshop are just overlays so in the art catalog at the top it says backgrounds, overlays, anamations and stuff like that click overlay and then u will be ptompted to add a PNG image.