Used to be able to read user stories without passes

I used to be able to read user stories without having to use my passes. For the past couple of days I am no longer allowed to do that. When I first started Episode, I had read that reading user stories doesn’t use your passes. Has something changed recently?

You can read the first episode of any story without a pass, but not the entire story.

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Then that’s strange because that is how it ALWAYS has been. :sweat_smile: For both user and featured stories, the first episode is, by defaut, free to read but from episode 2, you will need to use a pass to read that chapter. Maybe what you heard that wasn’t in user stories is gem (although user authors can do that now), but the large majority of user stories are gem-free.

I was able to actually read for 1 month for free without using my passe also. Now I have to use my passes. It was great while it lasted. It could of been an error on episode. Since they are always updating

It was probably that you somehow purchased unlimited package without knowing? :thinking: That would give you pass-free for a month. Or maybe it was a glitch.

I didn’t purchased anything. Maybe more of a glitch. But hey I am not complaining got to read alot of stories :laughing: