Useful Resources!

Hello, wonderful Episodians!
I thought I would share a few useful resources which you can use if you are a writer! So here they are:

Outfit Ideas - Google Form:
You can submit a request for an outfit, this would be helpful if you spend a lot of time creating outfits or just aren’t very good at making them.

Joseph Evans’ YouTube Channel + EpisodeLife:
Joseph Evans’ channel is full of super-helpful tutorials. These cover a range of topics, a few are: zooms, changing outfits, choices… He also has his own website, EpisodeLife, which has script templates, backgrounds and more!
Links: //

The subforums, “Directing Help And Tips” and “Resources”:
Of course it’s not surprising that I had to include two of our wonderful subforums. They’re really helpful PLUS you’ll get support from real authors just like you! Everybody is realy nice, they will offer to do covers, or they’ll share some of their script templates… Why don’t you just find out for yourselves?
Links: //

They are just a few resources, if you know of any more drop a comment and I’ll add them in!

@amelianelson Thank you so much for including my thingamobob, I mean I know it’s not much that you included it but it still means alot to me. :grinning:

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