Useful tips to cut overlays from any backgrounds ❤️

Hey guys, I’ve got a few useful tips for anyone who needs to know this.

So lately I’ve been seeing a lot of topics about cutting overlays from backgrounds so I thought I’d share some of my quick tips.

  1. You can cut any overlays of you’re choice from any (Episode or not) backgrounds using photoshop. Just import the bg from you’re laptop/computer, click the free select tool, go around any overlay/overlays you want (eg coffee table,sofa/couch dining table etc etc) after going around the overlay you want with the free select tool, hit enter, go on edit and press cut then export it into a PNG file.

  2. If anyone can’t get photoshop for whatever reason, you guys can download a free photo editing software called Gimp. Exactly the same as photoshop but it’s free. As I mentioned in number 1, it’s the same method. Import the bg or copy and pate it in, click the free select tool, go around the overlay/overlays, press enter when you’re done, name the file and export it into a PNG file.

  3. For anyone like me who wants to do it quicker and simpler, on the photos app on any device (iPhone/iPad) you can crop the part of the bg (background) you want, save it, open up any browser you want and go on and remove the bg to make it into a transparency. (I tried it the other day and it really works)

  4. If you’re not happy with number 3 then download ibisPaint x, MediBang Paint or Background Eraser (all of them are free to download) import you’re backgrounds and just erase the background but keep the overlay/overlays you need. After removing the background from the overlay/overlays you need, go on the website to make it transparent then done.

I hope you find my tips helpful but if anyone is struggling to do any of themselves then I’ll try to help you guys out.

Well that’s it from me, have a good day or whatever time is is for you guys!:heart:


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