User Interaction : Why the Episode Team Should Be More Like Fortnite's

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to know about Episode’s process for making assets. I don’t. It could work in a way that makes releasing new content difficult, long, etc.
Either way, thought, the content people have asked for before has already been shown to be made. Such as the newer hairstyles that people are asking for. I understand asking for a completely new asset and wanting it ~now~ isn’t going to work like that.

A n y w a y s, let’s get to it.

I love Fortnite. I started playing not too long ago, around the end of S4, so a couple months. During this time, even though I don’t post there, I joined the FortniteBR subreddit! And my time seeing what has been going on in Fortnite has told me a lot about how the game devs communicate and respond to their players - their customers.

You’ll sometimes see those involved with the game commenting on user’s posts, whether it be about a cool thing they did/made, or a bug someone found. There are updates often, that refresh play styles by adding new weapons, or fixing bugs. When the community says something is OP - they tend to get to fixing it quickly. They also listen to fan suggestions! For example, the T-Pose emote, and the ability to thank the bus driver! There’s also some, cool funny things they add - when Muselk was trying to rescue a player who’d fallen off a cliff, below the build limit, and accidentally knocked him off; they put a grave where the character was knocked off! Pretty neat.

Now, compare this to the Episode team. They aren’t as responsive with their community, and don’t get involved as much. Feedback and suggestions given is often overlooked (2017 Diversity Standards? B, where?). When the community asks for something that has already been added for featured authors, they don’t listen, and wait a hell of a long time before releasing it to the general public. Why? Does it make people want to read featured stories for the new features? Because, until the quality of those stories improve, I doubt that’s going to work.
I get it. There are some things they can’t add (certain clothing locked behind paywalls, etc.). And that’s fine! But the things they can add? Why don’t they?

The Episode community gets more and more fed up with the team each Thursday. Each update with clothes that (generally) don’t help anyone (case in point: this week’s barista clothing), or things that nobody asked for. How long will it take before people start giving up on Episode, on writing their stories on their platform?

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate what Episode does for us. The platform is something I’ve never quite seen before, and the fact that users can create stories with the Writer’s Portal themselves is awesome! Free of charge, too. And the fact that they give us new updates each week with new items is awesome! Even if most of the time, these items aren’t things we want. I appreciate it. We, as a community, should be thankful that Episode isn’t like Bethesda and the Fallout 76 debacle.
BUT, the relationship between consumer and company is a symbiotic one. We need Episode for their writing platform. They need us, or else their userbase is nonexistent.

Please, Episode. The lack of communication between your users and your team is unacceptable. I don’t mean to sound entitled, but, we NEED some kind of transparency. It’s not helping you guys by not telling us things, releasing certain content, etc. Your users, a lot of them writers, are getting fed up with this. How long before they decide that the app isn’t worth their time or writing? Interact with your users. Take their suggestions. You don’t have to do everything they say, but - something, just something that could tell us that you listen to our ideas…

Anyways. End of tangent.
I, very much dislike reading back my own writing, even if it’s just rants, so please try to excuse any mistakes, grammar stuff, etc.

I also realize that the Fortnite Team is not 100% perfect - but god damn, is the Fortnite community lucky for these folks? I can’t express how much their interaction with the game has helped me love it even more. The new items, the fan suggestions taken to heart - I love it. Nowadays I can’t not thank the bus driver without feeling guilty and as though it’s bad luck. The t-pose emote was an instant buy for me. The free items I’ve been given for events and the like.
I mean, look! The Fortnite subreddit named the cube Kevin, and they added a backbling called Lil’ Kev. They listen! They come through on things! There’s new weapons often, which mix everything up, create new metas, etc.
… I recommend Fortnite for everyone who likes those kinds of games and haven’t given it a try yet. You won’t regret it.


Hahaha yes :heart:


It would be ideal, of course. Unfortunately, aspects of it, especially regarding communication with customers, wouldn’t be practical. Fortnite makes millions of dollars per month. Those items that are locked behind paywalls are a major part of why they can afford the extra staff to be so responsive to its large fanbase and have so many major releases instead of tiny ones every week. Episode makes money, but not on such a large scale. Making sure your employees get paid to respond to users, bug testing for even existing assets, making new assets, etc. all cost money, after all, and I get why Episode can’t always do that.

That being said, there are some things they can and should do. As you’ve mentioned, a lot of the item releases are things literally nobody asked for or wanted, and could easily be replaced by some of the things people are asking for. Transparency about what’s happening in the company (even if it’s just something like a weekly forum post about it) and basing a larger percentage of their releases on user suggestions would be a better use of the resources that they already have; those, at least, would be a matter of shifting focus rather than adding something new.


I absolutely loath the way that Fortnite provides items and skins to their playerbase. You have to pay in order to use the items that you already earned by playing the game? Absolute insanity! And the price of skins is also incredibly expensive. Just imo :wink:


You don’t actually earn skins by playing. The game is really completely free unless you want the added ‘benefit’ of having a cool skin or something.

It’s not the best system. But it’s a lot better than what goes on in some other games - Fallout 76, Hearthstone, and we all know how people felt about the Battlefront 2 debacle…


Exactly. A skin isn’t important. Lol.

I have gotten so many free decks and cards in HS that I can’t complain at all. That and there was such a gap between last time I played and recently that I am awfully confused and overwhelmed by all the new cards/decks :crazy_face::dizzy_face::scream:

Based on the major $$$ they seem to be doing in skin sales I would imagine it’s important to a pretty large amount of peeps :yellow_heart: . Every time I play I seem to be the only one still with the default skin and founders glider :sob:

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It’s a meme. It really doesn’t change anything about the game


No doubt, not questioning that :smile: Do you or anyone else here play Save the World (or whatever it is called)? I will admit I have been having more fun with that (the paid) version than BR recently.

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True, true, I have gotten a decent amount of cards as well. Still, it’s hard to get enough cards/dust to put together a deck if you’re f2p. I only have two decks, one of which isn’t viable in comp. I love Hearthstone, it’s just annoying most of the time.

And, sure it is. I’ve bought the battle pass the last two seasons in a row (not this season’s though), because I like the skins, they look neat. But it’s still optional to spend money on it! They even have little events sometimes, like now, the 14 Days of Fortnite, that give you free stuff for doing challenges.