User problem can u help

After I updated my game it worked two days and the it stopped and it keeps telling me that no connection while my connection is good so I uninstalled it twice and the same happened can anyone help me?!?!

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I had a problem like that too, maybe send an email to episode?

I think many people are having this problem I saw a couple of other threads about this.

I think this is because of the update that episode is doing with andriod devices. For instance i cant click on an authors profile to view their stories. Or if im reading a story its so zoomed in i can barely read what the characters are saying.

DO you have another device you can use it on? Unfortunately, you can’t transfer your data from an android device or to an android device. Hopefully Episode will fix this issue soon, because many people have been experiencing this.

Same problem here. Hopefully Episode can fix this soon. :pray: