User profile missing

Hi guys, need your help with this one… !
My user profile avatar is missing here at the side corner, above home button. I can’t visit my profile… it’s been 2 weeks like this and I don’t know how to fix it…

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It even happens with me sometimes.
Just try to restart the app or phone and look for it again
If you don’t find it, check whether you have ‘logged in’ in the app
Try these and let me know the result

Have you fixed yours?

Huhu still the same, i log out from episode, I uninstall it then install it again, then i also restart my phone. It did’t change a thing.

Yes, and it keeps on happening with me
And when I log in again its just back to normal

Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App since this sounds like it might be an app issue. @Aica I’d recommend asking our support team for assistance via help ticket :smiley:

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Hi! Its been a month since i reported the same situation to the support team, all of my previous reads, and stories were gone, as well as my profile and other people’s account. Did you guys find anything to fix this? I really want to bring back the stories i have read. Thank you!

Thank you. I reported it already. No changes yet.

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This happened to me too and it’s already been a month. I filed a ticket and this is what they told me:

Unfortunately, this can mean that some features will be gone for a limited time while our team finishes their work. Right now, this includes Daily Reader Rewards, Story Replays, and Profiles.

Sucks that i can’t visit my profile to change my status or even clothes and backgrounds. :confused:

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Same here… It’s so frustrating :neutral_face: because I’ve had an episode profile since 2018 and now suddenly I don’t have the profile section after updating the app to the latest version… I also filed an support ticket 4 weeks ago, yet still no changes.

They emailed me back the same answer :neutral_face:

Hopefully they fix this soon. -_- now i regret updating it last month, it all started when i updated it and even my infinite passes were gone so i had to report it. Instead of fixing it, they just gave me my refund. :upside_down_face:

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I also kinda regret updating the app to the latest version :confused: and yes, let’s just hope :crossed_fingers:

I guess it will be fixed
This happens with me but its again back to normal automatically.
So I guess yours will be back to
Best of luck🍀

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