User Stories: Fake Love by Sandra Gustafsson



Fake Love by Sandra Gustafsson is a story with a basic plot - your best friend and you are faking a relationship, and you begin to actually fall for him. Pretty simple. I don’t really hate cliches (unless it’s a story involving a teacher and a student), and this story wasn’t too cliche, but definitely had some parts that were too good to be true. I will not be spoiling the story, but I will acknowledge what happened vaguely.

Characters - You get to create your own character and your best friend which is pretty fun. Your personality is pretty open, I guess. You can get angry and it’s believable, but you can also be sweet depending on your actions. Your best friend is pretty cool, I guess. He’s not a douche which is good. The only problem I have with a character is with the neighbo(u)r (but they’re revealed later in the story), but they’re not that bad.

Plot - The plot, like I said was pretty simple. You move in with your best friend and expect everything to be fun, but then you fake a relationship and actually fall for him. I actually enjoyed the plot more than I would’ve if it involved a bad boy.

Dialogue - It was pretty humorous at times and it wasn’t unrealistic. It was really well written, and I was actually engaged in the conversations.

Directing - Amazing directing! I didn’t have any issues with it, and it was definitely interesting. Loved that it wasn’t basic directing!

Overall, Fake Love by Sandra Gustafsson is a really good story that I definitely don’t regret reading. It was cute, it was funny, and it was definitely dramatic! I definitely enjoyed it!