User Stories You’d Recommend


What are some good user stories that you would recommend?
I mostly like reading romance but I also love mystery, drama & fantasy. So one of those or a mix of those would be good :slight_smile:


Speak by @J.Miley
The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow
To Love Again by Joriemar


Thank you! Wow so many people have said that the Ruby Tiara is amazing & that it would be perfect for the type of stories I like to read. I’m assuming you love it too?


Those are my three favorite stories. I highly recommend all three. All three have romance elements to them.


Great! That’s my fave genre. Thank you again for the suggestions.


Saving Enchantilis by and A Twist of Faith by (instagram) @/episode.lexilu

I read Lexi’s for a story review and fell in love with her story ever since. I forget how I found Cece’s but I fell in love with that one instantly, too! I highly recommend them because they are good reads that bring you on a magical journey!

Please note - These are both fantasy stories. Cece’s involves more magic, and Lexi’s involves the concept of angels and devils, but in the perfect way possible. I usually don’t like stories like Lexi’s because I see them too often, but this one is an exception.


Those sound good. I’m into fantasy stories too.
I find them intriguing and you can do so much with them. I’m very interested in the one with magic cause so many routes magic can take you.
Thank you for suggesting these.


Like always, I have a list of user stories I’ve loved~

  • H&V: Bad to the Bone by Lee Funk (Lee is the greatest I swear)
  • Galileo School of Magic by Lee Funk
  • Black Absinthe by Kay Elle (honestly read any Kay Elle story it’s guaranteed amazing)
  • Strange Fruit by Kay Elle
  • Hell’s Verdict by RA Ross (ALL the RA Ross stories are super good though)
  • Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni (everyone recommends this and everyone is correct)
  • Trials of Suburbia by TORIAH (they are soooo amazing)
  • Treasure Hunt by TORIAH
  • Tick Tock by Nebula (this is the only one of the author’s works I’ve read but it’s highly intriguing)
  • Dream Job: Silent Voice by Luna Rose (simply beautiful)

And uh a bit of self promo- Spotlight: Upstaged by Mehek. It only has slightly too much rickrolling~


BROOKLYN by @christinadawnstories


I’ll get onto all of them!
Some of them I’ve had suggested by a lot of people :slight_smile:
I’ll put your story first tho <3


<3 i am writing a story called me without you right now. episodes 1,2 and 3 are out now!


What genre is it?:slight_smile:


Check this topic out! :wink:
Stories That Deserve To Be Appreciated More: Part One:


Thank you:).
There are way too many user stories that need more love


I agree…and that topic helps those who don’t have as much reads as those bad boy stories, etc.


Awwwwwh thank you so much for recommending it!


Yeah of course those are my type of stories for sure however I’m open to a lot of things.
The only genre I’m not a huge fan of is Horror & Thriller. I’d rather have murders in the sake of mysteries.


Mmm, interesting! :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Yeah I can’t stand the thriller type of story.
However I know some users make really great ones!


If you like romance:
“The new girl” by Saige Mercer (this is my favourite story, Saige is a genius!)

She’s a very popular author so you might have heard of her

“Legacy” by Natasha Hill
(Also a very popular story)
And a not so popular story made by me: :sweat_smile:
(If you like drama/romance/gang stories)
“Like a boss” by Brooklyn V
I hope you like all of them :wink: