User Story Recommendations

I have a YouTube channel called Kes Makes Choices where I mainly read episode stories but I don’t know which user stories I should start with. Does anyone have a good recommendation?

Loving Bad is a good story. Or start with the classics i.e Pretty Little Liars, Mean Girls, Falling for the Dolan Twins.

I actually have a few pretty little liars videos up, but I will definitely check out the other stories. :grin:

Is this kind of like a review thing? Because I know so many great user stories, but idk if I can tell you to post something about them or if you would need permission. Idk if they’d all be up for reviews on a public platform like that, you know

Since my voice is in the recordings and I make comments as I read it it’s more like when people play video games and record themselves playing with commentary.

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So would you still need permission for something like that?

Youtube says that video’s with commentary fall under fair use, but I would still make sure I said the authors name at the beginning of every video.

Ok, well it sounds cool. I’ll recommend a bunch with authors that I know and tag them so they can say if they are ok with it or not

Sounds like a good plan.

Oh, I actually used to do this! I never uploaded the videos, but I generally used to liked reading stories where you could commentate on it easier. By that, I mean stories that shake a huge reaction out of you. I don’t know if you really want people to advertise their own stories on here, and I don’t know how to explain why my story’s a good read without sounding bigheaded. It’s called Over Before You Know It, if the author is Lizard then you’ve found the right story.

Here are some other stories that I think would be good reads:
Spotlight: Borderline (this one is actually like a literal video game, a bit short though)
Therapy 101 (this one is a tad like my story, I only found out about it a month later though so trust me I’m innocent!)
Fantastical: SHC
For My Sister (this one’s in classic style)
Gender Switching

Oh btw, if you’re looking for more comedy stories then tell me, I have a TON. I didn’t stick any on this list because it would make it really long.

Thank you for the recommendations and I will have a look at your story too.

No problem, tell me when you upload any videos.

Ok, a lot of these are ones I’ve reviewed so I’m pretty sure they’d be ok with it, but some are just ones I like, so might need to ask…

Fantastical: Natures caprices @MoniM
In Too Deep @Sweet_Stories
The Next Stage @lisa.p
Fantastical: Ticket to Paradise @amorstefanny
Mr Alan @Aylina
From Zero to Hero @Dr.Smile07
Anything by @EliseC, but I think Hit And Run would be the best to watch someone else actually play
Bye Bye Bad Boy @Sparklekat17
Scandalous @Mina

And here’s some that Idk who to tag, but they are really popular so I doubt you need permission
Envy by Cindy G
Trophy Wife by As Told By Brandi
The Trials of Suburbia by TORIAH


:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: ty ty (and anyone is welcome to record/review/etc. my story)


Thank you!

Personally, I’m fine with my story being recorded with commentary (e.g something along the lines of Scotti Reacts), but not the entire thing being recorded and put up. If someone can read my entire episode line-for-line, then I’m not okay with that. But if it’s just snippets with commentary then I’m more than okay with that and I’d also love to be told so I can watch!


Thank you so much! As long as it is not the entire story, maybe about 3 to 4 episodes max? These kind of videos take away from reads, and for little authors like me, every read counts:)

If you’d like to use a couple of episodes of my story and comment on it, I have no problem with it. It’s called Diary of a Middle School Teacher.

Thank you for recommending me :heart: I wouldn’t mind my story being recorded either :relaxed:

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As long as it does not show the entire episode and is with commentary, it is generally well received among authors. Where we get upset about it is when people record and post full episodes on YouTube. Reader engagement is important to authors, especially those in the writer payment program, or trying to reach the writer payment program. Every read counts. I have a friend who’s whole story is on YouTube, and is a slap in the face to her because people can read her story without her receiving credit for it.


I recently found my entire story on YouTube. I reported it for copyright and it got taken down. I figured that since the person never contacted me for my permission, I didn’t have to contact them first to ask them to remove it :joy: