Username suggestions for a story



I need username suggestions for a story I’m writing. If you have any ideas, please leave them below.

Description of story:
You play as a female character, you get your first Apple product, an iPhone! You’ve never heard of apps before but your friends tell you to download a game called Pokémon Go. The only thing is, you have a hard time coming up with a username to call your avatar… will you come up with one? Or will you be stuck on that process?


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Hey, could you add a description?


It’s now added :slight_smile:


That’s kinda difficult :joy: But if I were you, I would change the name of the app due to copyrights. It can be similar to Pokémon Go but not the same.
And to get back to the names… What about these?

  • The Hidden Avatar
  • The Great Mystery of Tech World
  • Changing Names : Avatar
  • App Identity

Idk… Maybe I’ll come up with some others.


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