-Username Wars- **GAME**

I’ve seen a million of these and decided to make one! So what is it? And I how do we play? This game was made by Icecreom on the old forums so props to her/him!


1.) Each round starts with a score of 15.
2.) To play, just reply. If your username starts with A-L, add one point to the score. If your username starts with M-Z, subtract one point from the score.
3.) If the score reaches 30, the A-L, team wins, but if the score reaches 0, the M-L team wins.
4.) When the round ends, tag me and wait for me to determine the MVP of the round, and start next.
5.) Don’t post twice in a row.
6.) Include the score in your post.
7.) The MVP of the round is the player on the winning team who helped there team the most in that round.

The current score is now 15!

We already have a username wars game

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Duplicate topic closed. :smiley: