Using a baby doll as an overlay?

I was just checking in to see if there would be an issue using a doll overlay. I chose it instead of finding a real life baby overlay in case that was against content guidelines.

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I am pretty sure they are against the guidelines. just because you find it on the internet dosent mean you can use it. just because its not a big brand (which baby born is) dosent mean you can use it.

I one saw a video of a YouTuber who went on google to find a black square and search change it to non-copyright because it has to be and then said" its weird people even copyright black squares" but its true eve

the rules are weird. tecnologicly all fan art and fanfiction is illegal.

also this babys might be creepy but they are copyright freeædbarn-barn-1920770/

Bugger okay, looks like I am going to make a adult look really weird and creepy!

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As long as you find a copyright free one you should be ok. I’ve posted about how to filter by non-copyright before if you need help with that:

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