Using children in a story

What are your options on using child characters in a story. By this I don’t mean do you think it’s right or wrong, I mean do you find it annoying and does it put you off a story because child characters just look like small adults?

Or can you easily ignore it. I need to use some child characters in some parts of my story but I’m worried that it will put people off.


I think it’s fine, personally. Like you said, they’re little tiny adults with younger features. But until Episode gives us that children update that we’ve continuously been asking for, then that’s fine for the time being. (Sorry I didn’t mean to sound greedy)


I can ignore it easily as long as the kids act like kids and have kids features (clothing, face-shape, hair style, and maybe even eyes).
It won’t throw me off since I know you can’t really put in kids otherwise.


I don’t mind seeing children in stories.

The MC in my current story has a kid who isn’t biological hers (the parents passed away).


it’s mildly annoying for me just because of the lacking of characters that we have at the moment but I just ignore it.

I’ve always had child characters in my stories, and as long as authors use the right features and clothes, and have them act like children, it’s great to see child characters.
In my current story, the MC has two little brothers that are 9 and 6.

It doesn’t bother me a lot, but I think that it’d be great if we can finally get child characters so we also don’t have to bother that much with the scaling and everything. If you add kids in your stories, then they should look like kids I suppose. Seeing them in stories is fine because it’s nice to see a variety of different characters- adult or kids alike.

Personally, as long as the children act their age and look like children (clothes & facial features) then I’m fine with them. I actually have an upcoming story with a few child characters so I can ignore the fact that they are just tiny adults (:

Also, happy 1yr anniversary @Dragon! (:

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Completely agree with that:)

Thank you:)

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Your welcome (:

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