Using easing function with zoom

Hello i need help with zooming using easing function
Ihave 3 characters left, middle and right.
I want the middle one do the flirt_fingersnap
But i want the camera to go half circle then lands on him so the readers only see the surprised face after the anination. With easing should i use? Plz help


I am not sure what you mean with easing funciton of the zoom - easing funcion do relate to overlays and not to zoom as far as I know.

You can do that i tried it but i can’t find a way to make it go round before focusing on the character

I always learn something new - newer heared about it. :smiley: I gogled it out a bit.

dunno if it helps.

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I tried them all but the function i’m looking for that lots of authors do in their story i can’t find it

If you see looping zoom it doesnt mean they use easing out funsction…the zoom tends toloop from itself if you are already zoomed and thna zoom on somwething alse and you do not have the same % and cvoordinates…then the zoom does fist kinda like loop to the side and them zoom witch looks like it makes something like circle…

I guess but i tried that too and then it doesn’t have the same effect
Does anyone know the script template to do that?

Dm me on instagram & I can break it down for you. @natz_epi

Ok i’m on it

To get the end of an animation:

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