Using existing films but changing the name?

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One of the character in my story is an actor, and while he lists the films in which he was in, extracts of those films appears. For fun I wanted to use existing movies but change it a bit.
Example : Pulp Fiction becomes Turtle Fiction. And the extracts look like the real film and characters in the film. (But it’s not the same dialogs !)

So I was wondering if this is against the guidelines or If I can do it ?.. Because I read stories in which the author changed a bit the name of an already-existing film/book, etc.

And I also created new logos that are based on the original ones, I wonder if it is allowed, as it’s not really the original logo, but it’s inspired by it :


I don’t think it would be allowed especially since you said


From what I know, you are allowed to make references to pop culture in your story (quoting song lyrics, mentioning a video game), but they can’t be plot relevant and they shouldn’t go on for too long.

I think that saying he was in a movie called Turtle Fiction is fine, but showing snippets of the movie and purposefully designing all of the things around it after Pulp Fiction is probably against the guidelines.

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you can mentione film without changing name if it is not main theme of the story. Bur you cant coppy the plot that would be plagiarizm.

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