Using Grammarly for grammar mistakes

Does anyone use Grammarly to fix their Grammar mistakes?


its for grammar not codeing, ofcourse it wont point out the codeing,

I use it and it works great, its not perfect, but even scholors makes mistakes, nothing its perfect.


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I use grammarly on everything, To me its great, I would not expect it fix grammar in coding but yeah. I have it on all of my devices (phone/ipad/laptop ect.) Yes, I even use it whilst texting. I also use slick.write when I am writing an essay or creative writing for school as it can break it down and show you your sentence types and is just really helpful, it can also tell you if you are using a word too much (for example “and”) then it will suggest ways to cut down on the word. I personally think it is great and I recommend you use it :grinning:

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