Using if/elif/else to Remember Past Choices


Yeah Ofc here it is


if (go_library) {



although there’s no need for if/else here as you can put this scenes inside the choices, but it’s up to you :slight_smile:


Ok thank u sm but where do I exactly write that ?


I gave you an example above if you want to use if/ else


Ok thank you!


Hi, I just finished my first episode.
In this episode, I asked them what their name was:
What’s your first name?

label first_name_input

input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(FIRSTNAME)

if (FIRSTNAME is “”) {

You do need a first name...

goto first_name_input

} else {

I wan’t to carry on writing the name that they chose but when I write [FIRTSNAME] and then preview
it it doesn’t say the name that they chose, it just says FIRSTNAME

So I don’t understand how to fix that


You need to preview it in the app. The web preview doesn’t work for this :slight_smile:


Ohhh thanks


I don’t know how to connect choices inbetween episodes. I have gains set in place for one episode, and I tried using if (angry_adam){

blah blah blah

} in the next episode and the gains wouldnt work. does anyone know how to help? :slight_smile:


can you post your script?


It won’t let me upload photos or paste my script (because I’m a new user and I can only mention 2 users?!?!?)


I will PM you :slight_smile:


What if I have 2 options?


If you write the gains in one chapter and want to use the gain in another chapter… will it remember what I did before?


yes :slight_smile:


ok awesome, thanks


Scene here for option 1
Scene here for option 2

You only need if/else if you have two options


thank you so much for making this thread!!

ok so my problem is i am doing an if/elif/else for a previous choice character made.
Now within this “if” branch there is a choice (meaning more brackets)
Unfortunately, the webpage wont let me save, saying :

there is a { on line 1494 that does not have a matching }

can you possibly help me with this?
If you can i would appreciate you so so so much!!!

here is a copy of my script:

if (undecided_nihan) {
music music_kpop
volume music 100 0

@cut to zone 3
&zoom on 728 215 to 205% in 0
&PRINCESS AERWYNA spot 0.813 93 146 in zone 3

readerMessage Back in Episode 11 with messageTitle PREVIOUSLY UNDECIDED

@speechbubble is 155 230 to 100% with tail_top_left

    PRINCESS AERWYNA (talk_awkward_loop)
What a lovely voice you have, Nihan.

@speechbubble is 174 249 to 100% with tail_top_left

(Shula is preoccupied with the servants at the moment -)
(I wonder...)

choice “Plant a kiss.” {
music music_climacticromance
volume music 100 0
@PRINCESS AERWYNA walks to spot 0.813 126 145 in zone 3 in 1 AND PRINCESS AERWYNA is walk_neutral
@PRINCESS AERWYNA starts kiss_peck

@pause for a beat

@pause for a beat


} “Do nothing.” {

music music_backandforth
@zoom on 703 271 to 376% in 0

@PRINCESS AERWYNA starts idle_awkward_scratch_loop

@pause for a beat

@pause for a beat

} } elif(accept_nihan) {

Blah blah blah


AND HERE IT IS W/OUT spot directing/ dialogue , etc…

if (undecided_nihan) {

choice “Plant a kiss.” {

} “Do nothing.” {


elif(accept_nihan) {

choice “Plant a kiss.” {

} “Do nothing.” {


else {



if (undecided_nihan) {
choice “Plant a kiss.” {

} “Do nothing.” {


}elif(accept_nihan) {
choice “Plant a kiss.” {

} “Do nothing.” {

}else {


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Thank you so much!!! :grin::star_struck: