Using if/elif/else to Remember Past Choices

Use the if/elif/else code

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Like this?

    DANI (talk_think_neutral)
What sould dress should i wear?

choice “Dress that alysson bought me” {

if (Satin Pink Dress) {
@DANI is dustoff_neutral_loop
@DANI changes into STYLE1

} elif (Emerald Mermaid Dress) {
@DANI is dustoff_neutral_loop
@DANI changes into STYLE2

} else {
@DANI is dustoff_neutral_loop
@DANI changes into STYLE3

} “My Father’s Gift” {
@DANI is dustoff_neutral_loop
@DANI changes into DANI_FG

i used the if/elif/else, i pick the second dress which is the emerald dress [which is in elif] but when i go to my next episode and make a choice on what my character will wear, the Nude dress [which is in else] is the one that shows up

Are these the gain names or the choice options?

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oh that’s supposed to be the gains name okay okay i’ll try it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Will the Gains and Flags work with Tappable Gender Choice?


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It worked! Tysm :heart:

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heyy @Dara.Amarie i have a question that might soud stupid but i´m a new writer and i suck at coding :joy:
if i let reader´s write their character´s name how can i do it so that later on in some dialogue it need to appear their name depending on which one the reader wrote

sorry if i sound confusing :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for this! It’s helped a lot!

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I need help I did want the character to pick a outfit and hair and then I want to enter a flash back.idk how to change back to the outfit the character choose please help me
@zoom on 213 266 to 147% in 0
@ACE becomes LIZ
@LIZ becomes ACE
@LIZ changes mouthColor into Terracotta
@LIZ changes eyebrows into Thick Flat
@LIZ changes face into Oval
@LIZ changes eyes into Upturned Feline
@LIZ stands screen center AND LIZ faces center
@LIZ spot 1.280 189 16 in zone 1
@LIZ moves to layer 3
@overlay 6234272005029888_BLACKSHEETS shifts to -274 -168 in zone 1
@overlay 6234272005029888_BLACKSHEETS scales to 1.630 1.630
@overlay 6234272005029888_BLACKSHEETS moves to layer 4
@LIZ is sleep_sitting
@pause for 3
@LIZ is yawn_bored
(It’s the next day?)
(Better start getting ready.)
@LIZ walks to spot 1.280 -11 20 in zone 1 in 2 AND LIZ faces left
@transition iris out black 2