Using "&" in script


So, in my stories, I used & symbol and a while ago spotted that it is causing some issues. I use & instead of @ to make characters in bg and zooming move along with speech. Like… characters talk and something is happening in bg. It worked perfectly, but a couple of weeks ago, when I tried to preview my story on episode app, it didn’t show it. Speach bubbles are working, but characters don’t react. They are just standing there most of the time and are not doing anything. Not walking, not talking, no behaviour is working. It’s working only sometimes. At that time, when I tried to preview it on my writer’s profile - everything was working perfectly though. However, just yesterday I spotted that it’s not working and showing it right even on my writer’s profile. There are no errors showing and the script is right. As I said, it worked perfectly and then just one day stopped working, even if I didn’t change anything. Maybe there are some changes after update or something, 'cuz I really can’t understand what’s wrong. Thank you.


If you do it all & they’ll all just be done instantly and then it will all be finished so the characters won’t appear to be doing anything.


Forgot to mention that I’m using time interval as well. So characters, zooming and behaviour is working one by one. Example:
&pause for 2 THEN CHARACTER starts talk_greet
&pause for 4 THEN CHARACTER 2 starts idle_sad
As I said. It worked perfectly before. And I didn’t make any changes in script. Just one day it stopped working.


The preview on the computer can screw up. Have you looked at it on your phone?


As I mentioned, from the beginning preview didn’t work in app, but worked in writer portal. But yesterday it stopped working even on writer portal. So it’s not working in both cases.


I had this issue with a story last week, with a bunch of animations no longer working. My story was in Limelight (idk what you’re working in), but I noticed that a lot of the animations had been renamed- so I had to go through and update all the animations to make them work.


I’m working in INK, however I already checked that theory. Behaviours and animations are with the same name. They work separately as well.