Using my own background


I’ve seen others use backgrounds that aren’t already on episode. How can I do the same?


You can have someone make them or search on google


I could walk u through it if u need to know how to upload them


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@Chesirekitten101 I have one that I want to use but I’m unsure of how to upload it. @Kalizzza I would really appreciate that


Ok pm me and I’ll walk u through it


There is a thread somewhere. Address you using mobile or writers portal to write it?


Be careful!
As some images are copyrighted and you don’t want to be involved in a legal case.

I would recommend checking out some episode users that provide free backgrounds through their linktree (provided you give credit, of course)

I provide a list of some through this thread:

Also, this is a great website for free images:

Good luck!


Thanks for the warnign forgot to mention it


@JemU776 @Chesirekitten101 @Circe_dreamteam I’m using portal, @Kalizzza walked me through doing it. I will make sure to credit if I use anyone’s background. Thank you for the warning and linking the thread.