Using overlays and making overlays

Do any of you guys know how to use overlays because I haven’t got a clue and how do you make your own?
Also when making an overlay how do you save it and where do you save it?

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You can find many overlays online :slight_smile:
Have a look here, many editors have overlays on their accounts as well :slight_smile:

Hey! Okay so you can use an app like PicArt and they have a ton of stickers, like thats where I got this crying mascara overlay from. Or even just draw whatever you want. So what I do, is have a white background behind the sticker or drawing, then I go to lunapic, and you can turn pictures into png. So go to lunapic & select transparent background. Then you upload your picture, tap on the white and it disappears, leaving you with your new overlay.

To upload it, go to the episode website, where you go to write your script, click on Art Catalog, it’ll take you to background. Next to it you’ll see Overlays. Click on it, then you’ll see " Overlays: available for all stories" click on it, then click on “uploaded to your account” and you’re all set to upload your overlay!

To use it, they’ve actually made it really easy. Just go to your script, and next to the background you’re using, just add “with OVERLAY” like this: INT. BLACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY
& you can add as many as you want! Just keep adding “with OVERLAY”

To move it where you want it, theres a preview on the right side. Preview your script and you’ll see “Directing Helper” in the top right. Click on it and you’ll see more options. Then you’ll see “overlay helper” and with that you can move the overlay wherever you want, and change the size of it. When you’re done, just hit the blue “copy” button under the preview screen. Then just paste it into your script and you’re done!

Also, if you google “transparent backgrounds” on google, you can find a ton that you can use as overlays. If you want something specific like a soccer ball, just search “soccer ball transparent background”

Hope this is helpful!


Thank you so much you have really helped me :smile:

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So Im writing a story well I need help how do u make overlays appear in the middle of the scene Also how do u make it disaappear

To remove the overlay:
@overlay OVERLAYNAME clear


Thank you so much !!

please do an example where the numbes are like what numbers do i put where xy are and where %% are

When you test your story and move your overlay where you want, there are codes that show you what x y and %% are.

@overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to 190 230
@overlay OVERLAY NAME scales to 1.0 1.0

Can I get like a blanket and pillows overlay?

Many Instagram accounts has them or you can ask for them in Resources section :slight_smile:

If you want to create an overlay just come to my topic I made one how you can make your own

If you want to create an overlay just come to my topic I made one how you can make your own overlay

what bed do you want and what colour?


do you mean this colour? Or another

do you think you could make the grey blankets an overlay for me ?
and do you think you could change this into a grey blanket in png ? if not that’s fine