Using overlays as buttons? And user scrolling? HELP!

So, a while ago I read a story that someone asked me to critique. Let’s just say that they had two features that I haven’t even SEEN yet in the guides- and I just checked the guides.

basically, they had it where instead of the normal buttons you tap in the game when making a choice they had a different type. The closest I could describe it is if they used an overlay that somehow was able to be tapped and act like a button. They also had a feature where the user would be able to scroll left or right across the background that’s two or more panels.

How are you able to do this and what’s the code for doing it? They should really include this in the guides, this stuff is GOLDEN!


Do you mean this:

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Yes, thank you!

No problem :wink:

Solved and closed. :smiley: