Using Paint 3D to Create Backgrounds

So, I’ve been reading about a lot of ways people make their Episode backgrounds. I’ve noticed that the most common way people make their backgrounds is through Paint 3D. I’m just a bit confused, however, as a lot of the backgrounds don’t appear to be hand drawn. My best guess is that the backgrounds are made by modifying a preexisting background OR they’re made through Paint 3D’s ‘3D Library’

If people make their backgrounds using the latter, are there any copyright issues? To find more information I’ve tried looking up their EULA, but it’s very vague. I did, however, see something about it POSSIBLY being okay to use, so long as you edit the insert. Then again, I’m not sure what they consider editing. Would just changing the color of the insert be enough?

And sorry for the long post lol. I just don’t want to create a background that violates the rules. I would think that using the 3D library would be okay, considering I’m compiling all the inserts to make one new image **For example, I use 2 SEPARATE inserts (one being a chair and the other being a lamp) in ONE image.

I hope this made sense :confused:


I think it should be okay since you are changing something about the image, I know some apps are less strict than others on their copyright rules.

(I personally recommend Unsplash for some good pics to use that are free of copyright, you can then edit if needs be).

If you already have a photo and you’re adding something to it from Paint 3D I think it should be fine as well. :slight_smile:

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See, I figured that would be the smarter option :joy: It’s just that I had something very specific in mind, so the background was going to be made entirely of inserts from Paint 3D. It’s also a bit difficult to put the inserts into preexisting backgrounds (like ones from Unsplash or Pixabay) because they are shaped so oddly. Hopefully I’ll figure something out though lol

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I’m sure it would be fine to use them anyways :joy: