Using Previous Episode's label in the New Episode

Hi, I need a little help here. I just wanted to know if I can reuse a previous episode label in the current new episode. I mean is it possible that I can reuse the label in any episode even if it’s not in the episode(current) and belongs from a past episode?

Yeah, you can because you can’t goto to labels in previous episodes, so the program will know what label you are wanting to goto. :slight_smile:

You mean if i put a label in episode 1 about customization then I will be able to use the same label in the upcoming episodes? Actually I write from Phone so I really can’t copy paste the scripts everytime which is a big problem and that’s why I wanted to know if I can use the same label in whichever chapter I want so I don’t have to write it again and again.

I am not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean writing a label in one episode before a scene then going to that label (and scene) from a previous episode in a later episode? Because, if so, you cannot. If you mean using the same label twice for different scenes in different episodes you can. Ex. if you use the label party in episode one you can use it in episode 2 but for different scenes, not for the same one, if that makes sense.

You can’t! You can reuse the name of the label in other chapters but the goto command won’t take you to labels on previous chapters!

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Yep, the first one is the thing I was trying to say. Well, thank you for clearing it. <3

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Okay, thanks for helping. :slight_smile:

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