Using rain effect for shower

Hello I seriously need help, I usually tend to not ask for help but search for the help on episode community or useful youtube sources.

Well I searched on the Episode community in hopes for shower water overlays but instead I came across “I use the rain effect”

And I would like to know how do I write a script using the rain effect as shower water?

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#zoom command
#place character(s) into scene
#scene for when they’re in the shower

#can re-write background name without weather effect so they are finished ‘showering’ or write a new background
#zoom command
#place character(s) into the scene
#new scene

Can read more here: HOW TO: Weather Effects

Can find a shower background here:

Can re-size it if need be here: HOW TO: Resize Images

BTW you can name your background anything (must start with INT. or EXT.) and there are other rain effects available depending on how much rain you want to fall.

Hope this helps :sweat_drops: And merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

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Thank you so much, I already got my shower i just need the shower water

And merry christmas to you to, but one more question

Can you spot direct the effect like an overlay/character?

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I go into more detail in regards to weather effects and whether or not you can layer them here:

To sum it up, weather effects can’t be layered. You can support: FEATURE: Layering Weather Effects

This thread may be of interest to you: Alternative to RAIN effect's layering

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