Using same CC for change of name, for example a promotion!

Hi so what I mean is say your character has a promotion so instead of Detective he becomes Captain. I want him to stay the same look though. Previously before I thought about customising this character I had a ‘twin’ so I could change his name. How can I get the reader to alter the look, knowing I have a twin.

As I write this, I am thinking would I just need to make a another CC template for the new character? Would there be a simpler way so I don’t annoy the reader having to keep customising.


You could let the reader just customise one time, and then turn the twin into the character.

@TWIN becomes CHAR

So now both of them will look exactly the same and as for the detective and captain (I wasn’t sure if this is a separate case you’re referring to), you do the same above but you just change their display names.

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