Using swear words in stories?

I don’t know if I heard this correctly but… Is it true that if you use swear words in a story that your story won’t appear in searches?

I don’t think this is true as if you search up Chain Reaction, the whole series will come up and that story uses swear words. This may just be because it’s an episode featured story but if that is the case, that’d be unfair. :confused:


I believe there are certain words you can’t put into the description or search keywords and if you do, the story won’t show up in a search. I’m not too sure what they are though.

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i dont think so. Ive read plenty of stories with curse words in it and there was never a problem finding it. I would just not use too many.

Chain Reaction might be as foul as it gets, honestly. I’ve never read something so profane lol.


I don’t swear so I wouldn’t know. There are plenty of user stories with swear words so you’re probably good :ok_hand:t3:.

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@ViviOfficially there’s a limit of 5 times f word per an episode, and you can’t use it in the sexual content of the word, but other than that, it’s pretty much free by that way.


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