Using the last stage of an animation


I’ve seen in some high profile stories that authors are able to use the last stage of an animation immediately instead of waiting for the whole thing to finish, for example: The face expression that comes at the end of the ‘shush’ animation, or the expression that comes at the end of ‘flirt_fingersnap’

I’ve noticed this particularly in the story The New Girl.
Is this a special feature only some authors can use? Like I know the fading cross dissolve transitions are also only available for some authors too…


Just make your character to do this action offscreen (using zoom or switching to another zone) then switch back to your character.


You can also do:

@CHARACTER is flirt_fingersnap
@pause for 0.1
CHARACTER2 (talk_awkward)

Should work like that I guess.
If not let me know and I’m sorry, lol.


I’ve done that before, but it’s a lot more convenient to have them do it in a scene immediately for a reaction and not wait for the animation to play out, even in another zone or with zooms.


I’m not sure what you mean? Wouldn’t that still play out the entire animation?


I don’t know. Give me 2 minutes I will try it out for you. :slight_smile:


Okay it’s not working, but there was a way to do it like that somehow.
I will try to find it and let you know. <3


Okay, thank you :slight_smile:


Okay, I’m an idiot, lol.
The thing with the pause is if you don’t want an animation to finish.

@CHARACTER is dance_kpop
@pause for 0.5
@CHARACTER is faint

So the dance animation won’t be finished.

The last stage of an animation is like Apes said only possible if you place the character offscreen. :frowning:
I would do it with zooming, it’s the easiest way to to do.

Sorry for the confusion and good luck! :heart:


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