Using Weather effects

Hi, I am using rain weather effect as shower water and its not working. I’m not reseaving ant errors but the rain is just not showing. I have refreshed the page about 4 time and that still hasnt work. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Could someone help.

424 INT. BATHROOM FANCY - DAY with effect RAIN
425 @cut to zone 3
426 @zoom on 773 389 to 195% in 0
428 @HOPE spot 0.758 162 289 in zone 3 and HOPE moves to layer 3 and HOPE faces right and HOPE is idle_rear

And this is the picture of what it just looked like.

it can only be previewed on the app. The writers portal doesn’t work that well. I mean for me it glitches a lot, but then I tested it now. It works. But still, preview it on the app.


These are the script line numbers right? I hope you don’t have the number in the background name, along with the commands that you have in your script. I know you said you didn’t had any errors but just making sure I understood that part.

No the nuber is on the side I wrote it on here so it could help you. It’s not in the coding or anything. I’ll have a look on the app and see if it works or not and I’ll let you know.

Thanks for you help

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Oh! Thanks for clarifying. lol

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Hi, I must be getting that glich because it is working on the app.

Thank you for your help.

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Np! :grin:

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Omg something similar happened with me in my story when I tried to use the hard snow effect. The only thing that appeared was a really bright white light and there was no snow can someone please help?

Have you tried using the episode app to preview your story?

Yes but I will try again to see if the problem is resolved.

Okay let me know what’s happened

Okay it’s good now. Hopefully it stays like that!

Yeah the preview on the computer doesn’t work so you have to preview it on the app

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