Using [YOU] in toasters and Speech Bubble Style Update

My bubbles are actually misplaced rn

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Please… most of my speech bubbles are on the face of the characters… near… which looks super weird… this name box is a real pain :tired_face:

Same, I’m in the middle of testing my story and I’m like “ew why is it like thiiis” the bubble is like covering my characters faces :joy::sob:


I want the old style back :weary:

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Same. I quite like them, they look more professional and sleeker… but I would like the old italics back😂
Talk about “blink and you’ll miss it”.


Delighted to know you’re looking into the placement of the bubbles so that we don’t have to move them all. It was a real pain doing it last time when the fonts changed. I have 5 stories, 4 of which complete and I really don’t want have to move them all, again.
I’m also worried about the placement of the name. In the new style it’s right by the tail of the bubble near the mouth. This means in some bubbles it will be over the face so I hope you move this back too, as they were before, or we may need to 're place some again anyway.
I’m also hopeful that that tacky and intrusive looking box that the name sits in with the new bubbles will be removed too, so it’s just the name again as it was before.
I think it’s clear how they looked originally is what most people want, but being able to change the colour more easily would be great. You just don’t need to play around with everything else x


You’re so right!

Is anyone else finding that the default placing of these speechbubbles is really off?
My previewer still has the old style and they look fine there, but when I go into my app they’re all over the place with the tails constantly facing the wrong way :angry:
I thought this issue already got fixed and that was why the bubbles weren’t released earlier? I don’t want to place all my speechbubbles then have to move them again in a week.


The default position is horrible.
To be honest the whole speechbubble revamping upsets me. I feel it’s completely unnecessary. Releasing different color themes would’ve sufficed. I find these new bubbles clunky and awkward. I want to option out of them and keep the old speechbubbles.


Let’s vote!

I don’t think the speechbubbles by default have ever been that great tbh. Especially when the character’s are spot placed and you’re zooming. They’re usually in all kinds of weird and funky places.


That’s true but in this case they’re looking fine on the previewer and completely messed up on my app :expressionless:. The tail is constantly facing the wrong way and like people have said, they’re covering the faces. This is even happening when I’m not zoomed in at all :woman_shrugging:


Ah ok. Well I don’t use the previewer so I don’t know how they look there. You’d think that they should look the same on previewer or app 🤷 but I guess it wouldn’t be Episode if they did :joy: that would be too easy :rofl:

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I am able to see them since just yesterday but the tail isn’t at wrong direction at all and they aren’t covering the faces too :woman_shrugging:t3: Maybe they repaired it


Or maybe it’s my app :woman_shrugging:. I’ve been having a lot of weird glithces lately.
It’s in LL if that makes a difference and the bubbles were fine for characters on the right of the screen, but the tail faced either center or right for characters on the left :roll_eyes: (and yes, I made sure I’d reset the speechbubbles lol)


Yeah I’ve not read a story in LL with the new speech bubbles yet so maybe it’s only in LL :woman_shrugging:t3::blush:

Yeah I see what you and @EliseC mean about the italics not being noticeable. I hope they address this issue. I haven’t gotten the new speech bubbles yet either. Would they show up in my previewer when I get them?

So it will just come up in the app on the preview/create version on there, when you get them? I was trying to figure out how it works to see when you get them.

You got it!! :):smiley:

I’m open to the new speech bubbles but not looking forward to the issues of having to fix the spotting of the speech bubbles, just like when they added the text effects and they had that problem too.

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